Yang Cleans Up in July Awards

Tak-keung Yang, the Taiwanese phenom for the Arizona Cowboys, was not only named Rookie of the Month for July, but also received the top batter award as well.

The 29-year-old shortstop, who joined one of the Bull League’s historically worst franchises this past offseason as an international free agent, hit .400 through last month, tallying 12 home runs, 23 RBIs, and 22 runs scored.

He now stands at 26 home runs on the season, and has hit .353 since the season began. Despite Yang’s heroics at the plate, the Cowboys still stand tied with California for last in their division, with a 29-36 record. Only the Dallas Deputies have a worse record in the AEL, at 28-38.

The Lake League announced their Rookie of the Month as David Herbst of Chicago. The Pit Bulls third baseman began the year as the #91 prospect in baseball, and won a Player of the Week last month as well. He has been one of the bright spots in the Pit Bulls dismal season, and represents the solid, power-hitting youth potential of the club’s future.

Les Groves of the Louisville Sluggers was named as the LL’s Batter of the Month for July. The Aussie, who came in from the Bull Oceanic League in the 2017 draft, was named an All-Star earlier this year. He batted .425 through July, driving 7 home runs and batting in 22 runners. He is hitting .377 on the season.

The premier pitchers for July were Ron Alder of Montreal for the LL, and Al Mota of Nevada for the AEL. Alder, wh had played for the Kingston Cannons last year, struck out 27 batters in 34 innings through last month, logging an ERA of just 0.79. He is 8-4 on the season. Meanwhile, left-hander Mota went 4-1 in July with a 3.05 ERA, and held opposing batters to a .157 average. So far this season he has logged 106 strikeouts and holds a 9-3 record.

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