Weekly Team Power Rankings (Week #7)

Here are the current team power rankings for Bull Baseball League:

Teams (Total Points, Tendency):
1) Anchorage Aces (121.5, +)
2) Boston Brawlers (112.7, ++)
3) Ohio Oxen (110.5, -)
4) New York Dragons (110.4, o)
5) Seattle Salts (109.0, +)
6) Montreal Metros (108.6, –)
7) Norfolk Sharks (105.6, +)
8) Jacksonville Ravens (102.8, –)
9) Calgary Inferno (97.8, -)
10) Rimouski Fighting Moose (89.1, ++)
11) California Tidals (88.2, ++)
12) Toronto Nomads (83.0, ++)
13) Chicago Pit Bulls (76.3, ++)
14) Dallas Deputies (75.3, -)
15) Detroit Motorheads (75.3, ++)
16) Denver Danger (75.2, –)
17) Kingston Cannons (69.3, o)
18) Arizona Cowboys (66.3, –)
19) Battle Creek Attack (65.5, –)
20) Nevada Speeders (59.5, o)


The top Team Power Ranking spot goes to the Anchorage Aces this week, who went on an impressive 5-1 run against Seattle and Arizona, wrestling the throne away from the Montreal Metros, who found themselves challenged by New York, losing a series 1-3, and going 2-5 for the week.

Aces batting has really been the key here, especially against soft Arizona who caved in to crushing defeats. On Wednesday, they held the Aces to just a 2-run lead, losing 6-4 to Aces’ rookie phenom Jose Soto, but were then swamped in an 8-0 shutout, then overcome in a 7-3 loss. Aces completed a series sweep winning the Saturday game 9-3. Section Attack (2B) and Takeo Otomo (1B) had huge numbers on the week, including Otomo’s 4 homers in five games.

The Metros dropped the Monday game to Kingston in a close 2-1 loss, then came back to close that series with a 7-3 win, taking the Cannons down 3-1 over the set. On Wednesday, the Metros started a tough four game stretch against another division rival, the New York Dragons. New York won the first three of the series, two of those in lopsided matches. Dragons starter Fred Loveless was tough to beat, and pitching was the tale of the series as Steve Rollin held Montreal scoreless in the Friday game.  Metros fought back to take game four on Saturday in a 1-0 pitching duel led by Judson Martel, but then dropped the Sunday opener against Boston 5-1.

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