Weekly Team Power Rankings, Week #15

Here are the current team power rankings for Bull Baseball League:

Teams (Total Points, Tendency):
1) Seattle Salts (127.7, +)
2) Anchorage Aces (115.8, -)
3) Montreal Metros (111.8, -)
4) Ohio Oxen (110.6, o)
5) Jacksonville Ravens (108.8, +)
6) Calgary Inferno (101.9, -)
7) Boston Brawlers (99.9, o)
8) Rimouski Fighting Moose (97.7, o)
9) New York Dragons (94.9, o)
10) Denver Danger (88.1, +)
11) Norfolk Sharks (88.0, -)
12) Nevada Speeders (87.2, +)
13) Chicago Pit Bulls (81.2, ++)
14) Detroit Motorheads (79.3, ++)
15) Battle Creek Attack (78.1, -)
16) Kingston Cannons (77.1, –)
17) Dallas Deputies (76.3, -)
18) Toronto Nomads (72.2, o)
19) California Tidals (50.6, o)
20) Arizona Cowboys (46.7, o)


The Seattle Salts executed a perfect week, going 6-0 since last Monday and driving themselves into position to take the division pennant at the same time. Pitching was the word of the week as the Salts swept the California Tidals over a three game series that included two shutouts. Then, the Salts went to Arizona where they kicked off a four-game series with three wins. Game four goes ahead tonight.

Closer Adam Fitzpatrick picked up another 3 saves, and has now run his saves streak to 31 games without a blown save since August 28, 2016. Starter Adam Price picked up wins against both California and Arizona, including a 3-hit, 2-0 shutout against the Tidals.

After closing their Arizona series tonight, the Salts are home to the Anchorage Aces, who are currently one game behind them in the standings, and fighting to retake the division lead as the season reaches its close with one more full week of baseball left to play.

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