Weekly Team Power Rankings (Week #13)

Here are the current team power rankings for Bull Baseball League:

Teams (Total Points, Tendency):
1) Jacksonville Ravens (118.8, ++)
2) Montreal Metros (116.1, o)
3) Anchorage Aces (115.6, -)
4) Ohio Oxen (112.4, +)
5) Boston Brawlers (110.5, +)
6) Calgary Inferno (105.5, +)
7) Seattle Salts (101.8, –)
8) Rimouski Fighting Moose (98.0, –)
9) New York Dragons (97.0, o)
10) Norfolk Sharks (91.4, o)
11) Denver Danger (79.3, ++)
12) Nevada Speeders (77.2, ++)
13) Detroit Motorheads (76.5, ++)
14) Battle Creek Attack (76.2, -)
15) California Tidals (75.0, –)
16) Kingston Cannons (73.5, –)
17) Toronto Nomads (72.2, -)
18) Dallas Deputies (71.9, -)
19) Chicago Pit Bulls (70.2, –)
20) Arizona Cowboys (60.8, o)


The Jacksonville Ravens have surged to the top of the Power Rankings this week after a 5-1 week that saw them score 34 runs while only allowing 20. First, they opened the week finishing the last half of a four-game set against the California Tidals, winning 3-0 on Monday with Angelo Rodriguez throwing an effortless complete game shutout on 130 pitches, then closing the series with an 8-2 win for Barrett Block’s 9th of the season. Ravens won the series 3-1, putting them up 6-2 on the season. Then, the Ravens moved up the coast to Seattle, where they took 3 of 4 away from the Salts. Their only loss came on Thursday, when Seattle won a blow-out 11-2, mainly on a hot-hitting Brendon Turner, who went 4-for-5, and Ryan Vallis, who knocked in a 3-run homer for #18 on the year.

The Ravens had a day off yesterday, and will now open a three game series at home to the Calgary Inferno before hopping on a plane for Dallas on Thursday. The Inferno series is critical for the Ravens, who have the lead over their division rivals by 3½ games.


It may be too late for this year, but it must be reassuring to Nevada Speeders management that the team has hit a hot streak too, surging ahead in the Power Rankings after a 5-2 week that saw them blast Anchorage 11-3 on Tuesday to stave off a series sweep, before hosting Dallas at home where they took the series 3-1. Finally, they opened a road trip yesterday in Denver with a 5-4 win in extras.


It’s been a tough year for the Chicago Pit Bulls, widely predicted to contend for the division title this season. They struggled all season in Lake League West and are now caught in a three-way tie for last place with Toronto and Battle Creek, after having nearly left them behind and caught up to Rimouski. The Pit Bulls are 2-8 in their last ten games, closing the week out 1-5. They were swept by Boston, who have now completed a season sweep over Chicago over their 8 total games. Worse, it wasn’t even a traditional Boston hit parade, either. The Brawlers, who have been racking up home runs this season, managed just three home runs against Chicago all year.

Meanwhile, the California Tidals after their losses to Jacksonville went on a road trip to Denver, where they managed just 1 win over four games, before coming back home and dropping their series opener to Arizona in a 4-2 loss, not an auspicious way to start a series against the worst team in baseball. They will close next week hosting the best team in the AEL, Anchorage, who are sure to take every opportunity to grab runs and wins should the Tidals fail to show up.

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