Vogel in, McAlister Out in Kingston

With a rumored move out of the Limestone City, the Kingston Cannons have changed tack and released GM Ernst McAlister, who was just signed to a 5-year contract on October 11, and replaced him with newcomer Troy Vogel.

During his brief time running Kingston through the offseason, the Cannons executed three trades, including moves that acquired left-handed outfielder Forbes Peddle, Sandy Koufax Award winning southpaw Rod “Punchy” Matos, and up-and-comer relief pitcher Albert Jeffrey.

Also departing from Kingston was manager Ryan McCarty, who had been taken on after he was released from the Arizona Cowboys following that team’s worst-ever finish.

Troy Vogel is based out of Texas, and is said to have some significant influence over where the Cannons will move to, although the team has not yet announced where that could be.

The league is planning a major team reorganization that is due to be announced in early January, after the opening of the Bull Oceanic Winter League season on January 8. Jacksonville will be moving out of the AEL and into the Lake League West, and pushing Toronto into the LL East. Kingston will move out of the Lake League East and relocate to the AEL East.

Another possible move may see Anchorage swap divisions and move to Florida, with Calgary or Denver shifting to the West.

McAlister’s Moves

During his brief period as Kingston GM, McAlister was the architect of the following trades:

November 4, 2017


  • Forbes Peddle (RF) – .349, 1 HR, 10 RBI
  • Stewart Gilleland (CF) – .271, 7 HR, 24 RBI (college – 2017)


  • Luis Rodriguez (CF) – .246, 5 HR, 30 RBI
NOVEMBER 29, 2017


  • Rod Matos (LHP) – 11-1, 2.99, 99 K (2016)
  • $17 million cash


  • Pung-cho Lee (SS) – .156, 0 HR, 0 RBI
DECEMBER 12, 2017


  • Albert Jeffery (RHP) – 4-4, 3.35, 72 K (college)


  • Damien Hines (RHP) – 1-2, 6 SV, 2.53, 18 K
  • $16.55 million cash


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