The Ox Ranch in Cinci Finishes Offseason Renos

(GAME DATE – April 4, 2022) — Just in time for Opening Day, the Ohio Oxen have completed much needed renovations to their relatively new stadium, The Ox Ranch in Cinci.

The stadium had its right field fences rebuilt closer to home plate, and a shockingly large, 70-foot tall, wall installed in left field, where the outfield is much shorter.

The moves are expected to reduce the high flying home runs. The GM, Dylan, denied suggestions the renovations were to stifle the division rival Chicago Pit Bulls heavy offense, which included more than 4 sluggers who each blasted over 30 home runs last year.

Instead, the GM suggested the changes were long-planned and intended to add additional right field seating to bolster flagging attendance. When a reported confronted the GM with the fact that the seating capacity had not changed, he quickly changed the subject, remarking how bright and sunny it was outside during the news conference.

The Oxen start the season at home against the Milwaukee Hops at 7:05 pm ET.


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