Testy Inferno-Oxen Rematch Leads to Brawl, Suspensions

In what was already billed to be a series that brings back memories of the 2016 Bull Cup, the Ohio Oxen rolled into Calgary to play the Calgary Inferno in the second half of a home-and-home series, a brawl erupted that cleared the benches tonight, and suspensions have been announced by the Commissioner.

The Inferno took the first two games, which were in Ohio, and then came home to open the last two games. Ohio was ahead for the first time since the first inning of game 1 of the series, after a Brad Bogus solo shot in the 2nd inning was followed up by one from Corny Maise in the 4th.

Calgary 2B was ejected and suspended 8 games for charged the mound tonight against Ohio

But, in the bottom of the 4th frame, Calgary’s Cody Martin tagged Oxen starter Batbreaker Barker with a 2-run shot. With the score tied, an inside heater from Barker got too close and tapped Calgary’s Israel Medina, who charged the mound.

The benches for both sides cleared and there was a melee on the field. When the dust settled, Barker and Medina were both ejected from the game.

Jan Conch then tagged reliever Ian Ion for another 2 runs, and Calgary was ahead 4-2. But Ohio fought back, with Justin Good hitting a third Ohio solo home run, then broke open a rally in the 6th with 5 runs scoring. A 2-run homer was followed by a string of hits and doubles, with a sprinkling of sac flys, that got the job done.

The Commissioner announced immediately after the game that both Medina and Barker would have to sit for 8 games, meaning Medina would be unavailable for the All-Star Game on the 19th.


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