So Long San Diego, Hello Anchorage!

The San Diego Seagulls announced today they were moving to Anchorage, Alaska, as part of a major management shake-up. The team will be renamed the Anchorage Aces.

The move comes at the same time the team takes on a new GM/Manager, Brandon Popper. The official move will occur in December, with a new stadium location being finalized before the 2017 preseason opens.

The (now former) Seagulls had first formed in 1991, the first year that the Bull League re-organized into the 12-team Lake and American Eagle leagues.

There is now just one team left in California, the most populous U.S. state: the California Tidals. The Richmond Ravens, which had been the 3rd California team, relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2012.

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