Simulations Update for End of Season


The commissioner will be on vacation from August 22-September 7. The Playoffs are scheduled to begin on September 6, with the end of the regular season coming on September 4th.

As the end of the season is critical for those teams in playoff running, and human managers will want to have close involvement in their teams during the final days of the schedule, we will be modifying our “real-time” sim schedule to delay the last few simulations. Here is the schedule:

  • Friday, August 12 – Team exports are due by 10PM as normal
  • Saturday, August 13 – Simulations for August 13-15 (3 days) will be run
  • Monday, August 15 – Simulations for August 16-18 were completed and the League File posted immediately. These simulations were also run using the Real Time Simulator and results are available online. HTML reports also posted the same day to the website.
  • Monday, August 15 – Updated league file will be on the website by 10AM
  • Tuesday, August 16 – Team exports are due by 10PM
  • Wednesday, August 17 – Simulations for August 19-21 (3 days) will be run – Real-Time Simulations will take place again during the afternoon. League file and HTML reports will be posted the same day.
  • Thursday, August 18 – Updated league file (to Aug. 19) will be on website by 10AM Team file exports due by 10PM.
  • Friday, August 19 – Team exports are due by 10PM as normal Simulations for August 22-25 (4 days) will be run. This will allow some news stories to be populated on the website during the vacation period. If possible, they will be Real-Time Simulated. League file and HTML reports will be posted by the evening.
  • Saturday, August 20 – Simulations for August 20-22 (3 days) will be run Team file exports are due by 10PM
  • Sunday, August 21 – Updated league file (to Aug. 22) will be on website by 6PM Last sim games before vacation period – August 26-29 will be simulated on Sunday, with league file and HTML reports posted as soon as possible.
  • No sims will be run during the vacation period – you have loads of time to make lineup/pitching changes, etc.
  • Friday, September 9 Thursday, September 8 – Team exports are due by 10PM
  • Sunday, September 11 Friday, September 9 – Simulations for August 30-Sept. 1 will be run. Real-Time Simulated if possible. League fle and HTML reports posted the same evening.
  • Monday, September 12 – Updated league file (to Aug. 28) will be on the website by 10AM
  • Tuesday, September 13 Saturday, September 10 – Team exports are due by 10PM
  • Wednesday, September 14 Sunday, September 11 – Simulations for September 2- End of Regular Season (Sept. 4) will be run. League file and HTML reports posted the same evening.

The playoff schedule will be posted after the commissioner is back from vacation.

During the off-season, several events take place:

Salary arbitration hearings – Late October. Make sure to sign contract extensions for those you want to keep, you never know which was arbitration can go. Eligible players can refuse arbitration and go to free agency, these may be ones you want to keep as they are normally experienced veterans.

Free Agency filings are a few days after arbitration hearings start, prepare your checkbooks.

Winter meetings will start November. Any major changes to the league settings (media funding, new stadiums, etc.) can be discussed during November meetings.

December is when Hall of Fame voting begins.  Eligible players must have been retired 2 years, and may remain on ballot no more than 5 years.

We may start a winter league in January — just to keep the interest going.  The OOTP people also have a great hockey manager game, very similar to OOTP, and we may consider opening a hockey league for off season. Discussions can take place in the forums, or via email.

Generally the off season is slow, and the simulations will be once a month, one month at a time, until April when the buzz starts for the next season.

One last note: the Minor league schedule is not considered in the above — their playoffs take place before the end of the regular Bull League season. League will post results if they involve human-managed teams.



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