Salts, Cowboys Close Deal

(GAME DATE — July 21, 2020) — Both sides appear content with the trade finalized today that will send 32-year-old RHP Jason Connery and 21-year-old minor league 3B Robert Cabrera to the Arizona Cowboys, while the Seattle Salts will receive 32-year-old 3B Cody Martin.

“This is a move that filled a few gaps in our roster,” said David Cuellar, Salts general manager.

For his part, the Cowboys GM said the trade was made “in the best interest of our organization’s future.” BNN analysts reported that on paper the trade seemed to be a plus for both ball clubs. The players involved are expected to join their new teams for the next scheduled game.

In 20 starts this season Connery has recorded a 7-10 record and a 6.06 ERA.

This season Martin is batting .297 with 87 hits, 26 home runs, 71 RBIs, 33 walks, .370 OBP and has scored 53 runs. He has played in 74 games.

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