Rosters expand August 10th

The Bull League team rosters will expand to 40 players on August 10th this year, just 3½ weeks before the end of the regular season – about 23 games left to play.

The roster expansion allows teams to call up major leaguers who are currently on minor league assignment, or to fill empty slots on their 40-man roster with prospects from their farm system who might be able to give the team depth during the final regular season pennant chase.

There are several teams who are battling for playoff berths in wildcard races in both the American Eagle League and the Lake League, including:

  • Boston Brawlers (LL) – who have only 3 playoff appearances since 1995
  • Calgary Inferno (AEL) – 2015 defending champs fighting off Denver for 1st in AEL
  • Chicago Pit Bulls (LL) – best Runs/G hitting team in LL, worst Runs/G pitching team in LL — can they make it?
  • Denver Highlanders (AEL) – Fastest on the bases, 2nd strongest batting, can they bump ahead of Calgary?
  • Hamilton Crusaders (LL) – Some strong pitchers, but mediocre run production
  • Jacksonville Ravens (AEL) – 2nd best pitching in AEL, they’ll need to strengthen offence to nab WC spot
  • New York Minutemen (LL) – Undefeated in Bull Cup championships, they have a series against wildcard contenders Boston during the final stretch
  • Norfolk Sharks (AEL) – Facing a tough run in the remaining schedule, and need a boost to hitting
  • Ohio Oxen (LL) – Currently leading the LL West but with Chicago and Hamilton close behind
  • San Diego Seagulls (AEL) – Smallball hitting puts them 3rd in AEL for run production, but pitching a weak spot
  • Seattle Salts (AEL) – Best pitching in AEL, lowest ERA and Runs/G allowed, they need to buckle down on hitting to win

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