Rosters Expand as Teams Prepare for Pennant Runs

Today is roster expansion day in the Bull League, as the teams prepare for their pennant runs going down the stretch of the last four-plus weeks of baseball.

The season officially closes on September 7, assuming there are no tie-breaking games to be played. But for the last month of the season or so the teams are allowed to expand their 25-man roster to 40 players and include some much needed depth to preserve their regulars and stars for possible playoff runs.

With tight races all around in every division, it is not known just how many new faces will make it to the every day lineups for the first few weeks. Teams like Minneapolis, Denver, St. Pete’s, Montreal, Rimouski and Nevada are very much vying to maintain momentum, and may not be willing to risk putting untested bats in the lineup just yet.

But with injuries mounting all around the league, the depth will be welcome as some of the clubs top AAA-level players may finally get a break and help their teams into a postseason.


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