Rimouski Acquires Febres in Huge Trade

The Detroit Motorheads only signed him in November, but 2017’s strikeout king William Febres is going moving back to the Lake League East to play for the Rimouski Fighting Moose.

Febres played for the New York Dragons last season, and racked up a league-leading 188 K’s in 118.1 innings, though his record was a forgettable 4-8 and his ERA just a slightly better than league average 3.18.

But the 35-year-old is well regarded as one of the top power pitchers in baseball, with incredible stuff and a 99 mph fastball that bedevils both lefty and righty batters.

Detroit has parted with him, despite just signing him to a 2-year deal last November, for $27 million. They have also given up $8.57 million in cash. In return, the Fighting Moose are sending four minor leaguers to Detroit: 24-year-old CF Matthew Kuhn, 22-year-old LF Tommy Palmore, 19-year-old RHP Alex Ramirez, and 22-year-old RF Xavier Hurtado.

Kuhn is a low-minors speedy defensive outfielder, Palmore is similar but with superior defensive tools, Ramirez is a 4th round draft pick from last year’s draft who has struggled on this year’s winter league, and Hurtado is another speedy defensive outfielder with a more consistent approach at bat.


In the other recent big-name trade, Josh Moles and a minor-leaguer were sent to California from Montreal, in exchange for David Chinchilla.

Moles is a patient hitter who won the Gold Crown twice with the Nevada Speeders before being traded to Montreal last June in a deal that brought prospect J.P. Kolb to the Speeders organization. Moles was mainly a bench role-filler, and went .273 on the season with 7 home runs. He will be a stop-gap hitter while the Tidals rebuild, and could end up playing a big role in the rebuild if he performs well.

Meanwhile, Chinchilla will be a big factor for Montreal, who have lost so many players to free agency, and watched as Rimouski has built their roster up this off-season, spending playoff money like a drunken sailor. Chinchilla had an off year in 2017, going .211 before injuring his ankle in mid-season. He still managed ten home runs by July 11, and over his career has been a .276 hitter with an OPS of .832.  He is 8 homers short of the 200 milestone, placing him 21st on the all-time list.


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