Ravens Stand Pat At Top of Rankings for Week 7

The Minneapolis Ravens have a death-clutch on the top of the Weekly Team Power Rankings after 7 weeks, and do not appear to be ready to let go any time soon.

They topped the rankings for the second week in a row, and Montreal stayed close behind them, and the Nevada Speeders moved into the #3 spot on a strong performance this week.

The Ravens blazed through the week, losing just one game in their 4-game series against Detroit at home. After going 3-1 against the Motorheads, they opened a 4-game series against the crashing Chicago Pit Bulls on Saturday, taking the first two games handily, including a 15-0, 4-hit shutout on Sunday that earned Ricky Rodriguez his league-leading 7th win on the season.

Rodriguez was in top form, retiring all but five batters over 9 innings. Aside from allowing four hits, he hit Pit Bulls catcher Sean Phifer, but struck out 10 Chicago batters and forced 12 into groundouts.

Chicago put everything they could up against the Ravens, starting with Watanabe, who is usually solid, but allowed 4 earned runs after three innings and would leave in the 5th inning with an injury.

The Ravens are now 29-16, and could be the first team to reach 30 wins as they continue their Chicago series tonight.

Players of the Week Announced as TOothry, Yamada

Ohio’s RF Juan Toothry was named Player of the Week today

The Ohio Oxen were pleased to learn that 26-year-old right fielder Juan Toothry was announced as the Player of the Week today.  He hit at a .556 clip with four homers, 6 RBIs and 9 runs scored. The team’s RBI leader has been an important feature in their offense all season, often hitting behind slugger Garth Goyle and giving him some protection in the lineup. Aside from his impressive home run and hit numbers, he has put up six doubles this week, including two in a game against Louisville back on June 26.

Meanwhile, Chitoji Yamada of the Nevada Speeders is once again in the news, after being tagged as AEL Player of the Week. Yamada went 11-for-27, hitting .407, with 4 homers of his own along with 14 RBIs. He is currently on a three-game home run streak, and could set a new personal record of four games if he homers again tonight Seattle.


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