Rambo Confirmed as MVP, ROTY; 2020 Awards Announced

(GAME DATE – Nov 10, 2020) — In the least surprising news in Bull League history, hotshot rookie sensation John Rambo was announced as the winner of the LL Carl Simms MVP Award and Rookie of the Year Award winner for the 2020 baseball season.

It was nearly a sweep for 1st place votes in both awards, with Chicago’s Rambo earning 7 or 8 first place votes cast, for a total of 36 points for the MVP nod. The outfielder, who was 2 home runs away from the Bull League’s first batting Triple Crown, more than doubled the points collected by teammate Jon Guillot, who garnered 15 points for second place.

Rambo’s Rookie of the Year ballots were a clean 8 vote sweep, taking all of the first place votes for 40 points.

“T.K.” Yang of Arizona was named ML MVP for 2020

The ML winner of the Carl Simms MVP Award was Arizona’s Tak-keung Yang, who led the league in home runs with 59, and topped in runs scored with 149. Yang was an offense machine, generating a 7.7 WAR and 1.122 OPS, both of which also led the ML. It was a first MVP trophy for Yang, who was also a Rookie of the Year two seasons ago.

The LL Sandy Koufax Award winner was Knuckles Malone of the Toronto Nomads. For a second year in a row, Malone collected 20 wins, and was the only pitcher to do so in 2020. He also led LL starters in ERA with 2.33, and WHIP with 1.09 on his way to cementing his third career best pitcher nod. It was a close race, as New York’s Steve Rollins had an impressive season, and was the only other sub-3.00 ERA pitcher in either league, led the LL in pitcher WAR (11.3), shutouts (6), and strikeouts (246).

A surprise in the ML saw Washington Freedom starter Willie Salazar named the best pitcher for that league, over the highly anticipated favorite Al Mota of the Nevada Speeders. Salazar collected 26 points, including 5 first place votes, while Mota crashed to a 4th place tie with 8 points. Salazar tied for the ML lead in wins with 18, had 4 shutouts to lead the ML, and pitched an impressive number of innings.

The ML Rookie of the Year was Freedom first baseman Roberto Gutierrez, who impressed with 32 homers and 102 RBIs, posting a .274 average on the year.

For full voting results for all awards, click here.

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