Pratt and Nakanishi Fight, Get Suspended

(GAME DATE — June 8, 2020) — Chris Pratt of St. Petersburg and Kusuo Nakanishi of Washington were the main participants in a recent bench-clearing brawl and today the league handed out its punishment. Pratt will have to miss 5 games for his part in the brawl, while Nakanishi was given 3 games. League officials announced their suspensions today.

Currently Pratt, a two-time all-star, has 8 home runs and a .283 batting average.

For the season Nakanishi has no saves, tossed 12 innings, fanned 5 batters and produced an ERA of 5.25. He has also been credited with 1 win and no losses.

This incident marks the third on-field brouhaha involving the Admirals this season, and the second involving Washington. Just one week ago, Israel Medina charged the mound after being beaned by a Kyle Cahill pitch in a game against state rivals, Miami Storm. In May, Jose Ramirez hit Washington Freedom batter Glen Reese with a pitch resulting benches being cleared.

In the Miami game, Medina was handed a 4-game suspension, while Ramirez was issued a 9-game sanction.


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