Playoffs Set to Begin Today

The Bull League’s 2016 Playoffs are set to begin today, starting with the Elimination Round to determine the teams that will compete for the American Eagle League and Lake League championships.

Each Elimination Round consists of the two division leaders for both leagues, as well as two wildcards in each league. The round consists of a best-of-five series for each pair of teams.

American Eagle League – Elimination Round

Calgary Inferno (43-40, .518) vs. Denver Highlanders (48-34, .585)
Jacksonville Ravens (46-36, .561) vs. San Diego Seagulls (46-36, .561)


Boston Brawlers (46-36, .561) vs. Montreal Metros (61-21, .744)
New York Minutemen (50-32, .610) vs. Ohio Oxen (46-36, .561)

In today’s games, the AEL opponents will square off to kick off the 2016 Playoffs. Calgary plays the Highlanders in Denver, and Jacksonville will visit the Seagulls in San Diego.

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