Online Play Goes Live!

The Bull League is now available for online play, using the OOTP17 baseball simulation game (available from their website, or on Steam).

To participate, just send en email to the league commissioner, and select an available team to manage. You must be running the current version of OOTP17 (Version 17.9 Build 60 Build 67), and you will be provided with the necessary settings in order to import/export the online league files from the server.

During the regular season, the online Bull League will simulate one week of play, with the player’s game files due by Friday evening each week. During the playoffs, the updates will be more frequent, although a timetable has not yet been announced.  The playoffs for this year are scheduled to begin September 6, but the simulations will be delayed as the commissioner will just be returning from vacation at that time.

Some information about the Bull League:

  • The BL regular season schedule is 82 games long, and runs from June to August
  • There are 20 clubs in the league, and most are available for management; each includes 4 minor league clubs
  • GMs/Manager may set lineups, pitching rotations, strategies, and discuss trades with other teams, either the human owned or AI ones, and full budgeting and team owner goals
  • The BL has real trophies and awards, which are presented at the end of the season
  • Player ratings are based on the 20-80 scouting system; Our tradition has always been to inject light humor, and many of the player (and team) names are satirical, lyrical or just plain fun!
  • All players and teams are fictional, as has been the tradition of the league since 1991 (when we operated on Earl Weaver Baseball) – GMs are encouraged to submit their own suggestions for names and personalities of players (during the drafts; existing players on a case-by-case basis)
  • GMs are encouraged to participate in the fully functioning league wiki ( and in GM chat groups

We are also considering an awards banquet and live-streamed games on a YouTube channel.

Come and join the fun!


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