Olean Sale Reversed – Team Moves Back to Florida

The paint had just dried on the new Olean Oilers locker room, and season tickets had been transferred, but it looks like the Olean Oilers sale has falled through and the team will be moving back to Jacksonville, it has been reported.

The move comes as Bart Snyder announced his unexpected resignation as GM, undoing weeks of prep work to get the team ready for its debut in the upstate New York town of Olean.

Instead, the AEL East division team will remain in Jacksonville and revert back to the former nickname Ravens, which has been with the franchise since 1991, when the club was based in Richmond, California.

The team logo has been given a slight update, and the 2016 uniforms were brought back into service.

Ricky Rodriguez is highly anticipated to get the nod as starting pitcher for the Mother’s Day May 14th season opener at home to the Nevada Speeders. Jacksonville is currently tied with the Dallas Deputies at the top of their division in the Spring Training standings, with a record of 12-9.


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