Ohio Stops Torres’s Hit Streak

(GAME DATE — August 8, 2020) — After 24 games, Cesar Torres had his hitting streak ended abruptly today by the Ohio Oxen at The Ox Ranch in Cinci. The Calgary Inferno center fielder failed to get a hit in 5 at-bats, bringing his tenure in the national spotlight to a halt.

Despite the tough day at the plate, Torres seemed unconcerned after the game, talking instead about the Inferno taking a 5-4 victory from the Oxen.

“It was good while it lasted,” Torres said. “If it had to end, I’m glad it ended with a victory.”

Currently the two-time Bull Cup champion is batting .317 with 142 hits and 10 home runs. He has knocked in 57 runs and scored 77 times.

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