New York Minutemen Come “Home”

The New York Minutemen have completed their franchise relocation back to New York City, according to a team announcement this week.

The franchise originally began in the Bull League as the New York Fastballs in 1989, but moved before the re-formation of the league in 1991 as the city also had the Brooklyn Tigers (now the Chicoutimi Cinquantes). Their next stop was Buffalo, and the team was called the New York State Fastballs. By 1992, a new owner had moved the team to North York, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, and renamed the North York Yankees. The following year, they changed their name to North York Might, then a move back to Buffalo led to a change again to the New York Might.

Finally, from 1995 until this month, the team had settled in Buffalo again, and were the New York Minutemen.

Now, the team has come “home” to New York City, but the name will not change.

The team is in the process of selecting a stadium for 2017.


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