New Pro League Launching in Australia/NZ

The Bull Baseball League has today announced that a new pro-level fictional baseball league based in Australia & New Zealand will launch on October 15, 2016.

The Bull Oceanic League will consist of 16 teams, 8 in Australia and 8 in New Zealand, divided into two subleagues of a single division table each. The new league will play a 50 game schedule, and include an All-Star Game and have a two-round playoff to determine championship titles.

The team list for the inaugural 2016 season has been released, and will include:


Adelaide Aboriginals
Brisbane Rebels
Canberra Ministers
Melbourne Dockers
Newcastle Nuclears
Perth Crocodiles
Sydney Sailors
Tasmania Terror

New Zealand

Auckland Arsenal
Christchurch Christians
Dunedin Ducks
Hamilton Hammers
Invercargill Hobbits
Queenstown Royals
Tauranga Tridents
Wellington Dukes

There will be no minor league system, and free agents will be eligible to play in the Bull League as well.

As with the Bull League, teams will be open to participating player-managers to join.

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