Nakamura Signs with Calgary

The 2017 Bull Cup champions, Calgary Inferno, have put their playoff revenue to good use, signing international free agent Hiroiaki Nakamura to a $2.44 million, one-year deal.

The 28-year-old Japanese pitcher is said to have great control, and a four-pitch repertoire.

The Inferno lost two veteran starters to free agency last month when Matthew Rendall and Fernando Latorre both parted ways with the club.

Rendall executed his opt-out after just three years into a 6-year deal, and signed just a few days ago with the Detroit Motorheads to a 4-year, $34.3 million deal. Latorre had a career-best season with the Inferno, throwing a 1-hitter against the Dallas Deputies in July. But after failing to come to terms, he left and signed to the Deputies last Friday for $15.6 million over 3 years.

Nakamura, through a translator, is said to be excited about joining a championship organization, where he believes his “skills will be of use.”


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