Motorheads Send Jansen to Battle Creek

Detroit Motorheads have agreed to a trade with state rivals Battle Creek Attack that will see the Motor City team send 28-year-old Norman Jansen and $250,000, in return for draftee Shunichi Nagai.

Detroit spent 2017 in the Lake League East, but will be realigned into the LL West for next season, making the Michigan team a division rival, as well as a state rival, for Battle Creek.

Nagai, a promising young outfielder, had been drafted in the 9th round last June during the amateur draft, after having spent the spring with the Sapporo College Avengers, where he his .256/.336/.315 and averaging almost a hit a game over 54 games. Nagai has blistering speed on the bases, tallying 11 steals in his time in the Pacific Rim College league, including a 2-steal game against Kobe near the end of the season.

Battle Creek gets Jansen, who finally broke into the major-level after rosters expanded in August, but managed to pitch in just two relief appearances. He threw 1.1 shutout innings, allowing no hits or walks while striking out two.

Before that, he was 7-3 at AAA-level Miami Marauders, holding a 3.25 ERA over 91.1 innings, with a 1.09 WHIP, allowing just a single home run despite being an extreme flyball pitcher.


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