Milwaukee’s Sulis Sidelined for Season

(GAME DATE — July 24, 2020) — Chris Sulis of the Hops just might have to call it quits for the season. The 26-year-old Milwaukee utility infielder received a season-ending injury against the Montreal Metros recently at Metros Ballpark. Sulis suffered a broken kneecap while running the bases. The Hops medical staff said he could be out quite some time, as much as 4 months.

Batting .225 to date, Sulis has 3 home runs and 15 RBIs. Sulis has struggled to make contact at the plate, but shows flashes of power when he connects. Last year, he sent 14 balls over the wall. An aggressive baserunner, he has stolen 20 bases since coming up to the big league in 2017.

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