Metros Send May to Denver, Get Heimberg

The Montreal Metros have dealt second baseman Peyton May to the Denver Danger, sending him packing right after his final at-bat against the Minneapolis Ravens in tonight’s 5-4 loss.

May will be joined by minor league outfielder Vaughan Farquharson who had last been at AA-level Cedar Defenders, but is expected to be dropped down to rookie league for more playing experience.

Denver Danger will send shortstop Bill Heimberg and minor league prospect Salvatore Flores, a catcher, back to Montreal in the deal.

Flores had just started at rookie level, and was 1-for-5 so far this year. He was previously in the international complex for Denver, after being discovered by Danger scouts in Cuba. Heimberg is considered a solid bat at the high minor level, hitting .360 over 61 games last year at AAA-level Forth Worth.

May is a four-time all-star and four-time Gold Crown award winner, generally thought to be a very solid bat, and a player who can steal bases at the right times. His career slash line is .269/.330/.465 with 96 home runs (ranking 86th all-time), 347 RBIs, and 11 steals.

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