Metros Manager Pettis Walks

Montreal Metros GM Danny Desrochers has only been on the job for a day, but he has already sent manager Nick Pettis packing. The firing was announced today, and the team named Scott Stutter as his replacement at the same time.

Pettis had only been hired recently, after the departure of Michael Smith, the previous GM/Manager for the club. He had barely gotten his feet wet with spring training games before the change was announced.

So far, assistant GM Dustin Racine remains at his post. He was key last year in helping Smith guide the team to a first place finish in the Lake League East, bringing them to their 14th playoff appearance.

Stutter last managed the 2017 Bull Cup champion Calgary Inferno, though only for the very tail end of their season, after Salv Fjorg resigned as GM/Manager just before their playoff run. Stutter was also a long-time Boston Brawlers manager, producing 4 playoff entries in 9 seasons, and winning Manager of the Year in 2016, his last year.

The incoming 58-year-old Stutter has an excellent managerial reputation, and is said to heavily favor speed in his offense. He will have a lot of that to work with in the Metros, with Orlando Garza, Brian Currell, and Blair Caldwell forming a nucleus of fleet-footed outfielders who can steal bases and tally up doubles and triples.

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