Metros Clinch LL East

The Montreal Metros have clinched the Lake League’s East Division, for the second year in a row, and have extended their playoff appearance streak to 12 seasons.

During that time, the club has won three Bull Cup championships, and hope to snag another with a victory this season.

The Metros spent some of this season under the steady hand of GM Michael Smith, who left prior to the regular season opening. GM Hunter Mason took the reigns briefly in July, but then vacated the post shortly afterwards. Rumors abound that Smith will be making a return to the team during the upcoming playoffs.

Meanwhile, the team focuses on its playoff strategy without veteran ace starter Judson Martel, who suffered a season-ending arm injury in early August. Martel was 11-1 with a LL-leading 1.36 ERA, which set a new single-season record. Kenny Cartwright and Tom Haviland will feature in the 4-man playoff rotation, joining Lou Bricknell. and Danny Tirado.

Montreal is currently finishing out their season at home in a 4-game series against the division rivals, Boston Brawlers. The Metros took the first game 3-2. Boston is a likely wildcard opponent for Montreal, but the Rimouski Fighting Moose and the New York Dragons are still deadlocked in a battle for the second wildcard.

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