Lozano Tags Number 200

(GAME DATE — May 29, 2020) — Veteran Roberto Lozano hit a historic home run today — career blast number 200. “I am happy to be in such elite company. It has been quite a ride so far,” Lozano said after the game.

The California Tidals third baseman went 1 for 3 with 1 home run and 2 runs batted in as the won 16-2 over the New York Dragons in interleague play.

Career-to-date Lozano is hitting .266 with a total of 200 home runs. He surpassed fellow one-time California Tidal and Hall of Famer George Slammer with his 196th home run back on April 27, in an 8-3 loss to the Arizona Cowboys.

He is just the 27th Bull League player to achieve 200 or more all-time home runs, a feat that is expected to lessen in importance with the expanded 162-game seasons introduced in 2019, as more and more players achieve this benchmark earlier in their careers.

The all-time home run record may not be broken for a few years yet, however, even with the expanded schedules. Hall of Fame hitter Carl Simms hit 441 during his career between 1991-2013. The nearest player under age 35 on the leaderboard #20 ranked Cody Martin, now playing for the Arizona Cowboys, with 231.


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