Last Minute GM’s Hired for Three Clubs

On the even of Opening Day, three teams inked deals with new GM/managers to lead their clubs hopefully to a Bull Cup championship for the 2017 season, and beyond.

Battle Creek Attack welcomed William Shea, while Brendan Burke joined the Jacksonville Ravens, both as General Managers and managers. Meanwhile, Rex Randy signed on the historic Seattle Salts franchise as their new GM.

The Battle Creek Attack are still looking to enter their first playoffs, and suffered a humiliating league-worst finish last year of 19-63. Their best starter, Niek Rodriguez, has been shuffled to the bullpen after a disappointing 2016, where it is hoped he can bring solid long relief to an ailing relief staff.

The Jacksonville Ravens were set to relocate to Olean, NY, but in a surprising last minute turn of events, the deal fell through and the club cancelled their plans to move. However, new manager Burke says the club will definitely relocate after the 2017 season. Regardless of the city of nickname on the jerseys, the franchise is set to field one of the strongest pitching rotations seen in the Bull League, with both Ricky and Angelo Rodriguez featuring in the same rotation. The pair, who are not related, have frequently competed with each other for top pitcher honors in the American Eagle League in nearly every year.

Finally, the Seattle Salts, who only just missed the playoffs last year, have cobbled together a solid lineup and deep pitching staff of their own, and look set to finally claim their first Bull Cup since 1992.


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