Last Days of Oceanic Season Marked by Free Agent Frenzy

The last few days of the regular season for the Bull Oceanic League have been marked by an uptick in free agent signings some have called a “frenzy”, according to league reports.

The free agents were all Bull Baseball League veterans, many of whom were languishing awaiting offers from teams in that league that were not forthcoming. But the Oceanic League has opened up opportunities for lesser known free agents who talents were not projecting them to the top of teams “want lists” in the BBL.

With a BBL minimum salary of just over $500,000, many of these players are signing for a fraction of that just for a chance to play in the Australian/New Zealand short-season league.

Sydney and Tauranga in particular have been busy, with the lion’s share of the signings recently.

Some of the recent signings have included:

  • To Sydney:
    • RF Mike Marttila for $260,600. Marttila spent 2016 with Ohio’s Toledo Torpoedoes AAA club.
    • 2B Akira Yamamoto for $166,800. Yamamoto was a .165 hitter for Battle Creek this summer.
    • RP Ben Woodward for $193,000. Woodward posted a 4-8 record and 4.96 ERA as a starter for the Torpedoes.
  • To Tauranga:
    • RP Tim Stevenson for $182,600. Stevenson last played for Arizona Cowboys.
    • 3B Rob Davis for $203,000. Davis was briefly with Toledo as well in 2016, where he hit .182.
    • RP Angelo Polo for $501,800. Polo spent 2016 with the Kingston Cannons going 0-0 and 4.74 in 10 games
  • 3B Filippo Boccanera to Hamilton Hammers for $499,200. Boccanera batted .150 for Battle Creek during the BBL season this year.
  • LF Jong-kook Yune to Invercargill Hobbits for $216,800. Yune played for the Anaheim Pharaohs, AAA level club in the New York Minutemen organization.

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