Kremer Signs with Nevada in Stunning Surprise

The Nevada Speeders have pulled off another coup, just days after signing hot international free agents Chitoji Yamada, and most recently, Raul Abarca, they have landed highly sought-after closer Nate Kremer.

Kremer was one of the top closers in the Bull League’s AEL, and won the 2015 Woodchuck Trophy with the Jacksonville Ravens in his sophomore season.

But earlier this year he injured himself, tearing a flexor tendon in his elbow while pitching on July 30th against the Dallas Deputies in a game that snapped a seven save streak.

Kremer is still on the road to recovery, and will not be available to play until possibly the post-season of 2018, which still leaves the Speeders with the question of who will be their closer for next year.

Right now, it’s 30-year-old Josh Agnello, a so-so veteran who’s best asset is a wicked curve ball.

It had been thought that Kremer might spend more time on the free agent list, biding his time until a team in late season mode came in to swoop him up. But Nevada exploited his injury devaluation early, signing him to a $2.5 million deal for the rest of his injury year, and a year two team option for $6.5 million with a final year team option of $10 million.

The terms are heavily favorable toward Nevada, who will see themselves as being able to walk away from Kremer if his injury recovery does not go as planned. With a third year $10 million option, the Speeders may even be wise to walk away from the final year regardless of Kremer’s performance, though time will of course tell.



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