Kevin Norris Takes Over in Arizona

The Arizona Cowboys have today announced the hiring of a new GM, Kevin Norris. He takes over effective immediately.

The Cowboys had recently given the last GM Matt Johnson, and manager Ryan McCarty their walking papers. Kyle Bullen was sacked as GM earlier this year.

With Norris at the helm, the team is expected to release the taps on free agent and player development spending during the off-season. The team was 20th in player payroll last season, and has a surplus to spend for next year.

Just before Norris took over, the team signed a highly-rated international free agent, SS Tak-keung Yang for $27.3 million over 4 years. The team also parted ways with RF Nate Mair, who was traded to Detroit in exchange for catcher Vincent Blin.

Tired of the perennial last place finishes, the Arizona Cowboys and their fans are looking to 2018 with optimism. They hit rock bottom in 2017 with their worst-ever finish, just a .320 winning percentage, and the fifth year in a row at finishing in last place in the AEL West.

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