Iron Pigs Looking Solid After Week #2

(GAME DATE: 15 Apr. 2019) —  The Pittsburgh Iron Pigs,

They had a gain in Elo of 21.2 since the start of the season, surpassing strong California’s gain by nearly double. The Iron Pigs, despite losing handfuls of rental talent in the offseason, now sit atop the Lake League East with a 9-3 record, and a run differential of +33, a Bull League best.

Powering their run scoring engine are surprise performances from players like veteran 3B Pedro Salgado, a 33-year-old in his 8th year at the major level, and who has struggled to find success, first with the Ohio Oxen, and later with the Arizona Cowboys. Picked up in the offseason as a minor league signing, he already leads the team’s offense with 5 home runs and 14 RBIs, and has been competent defensively thanks to one of the best infield arms in the league.

Masamune Yamada was a solid contributor to the Pittsburgh offense this week

The Iron Pigs have also seen some solid run production from LF Masamune Yamada,

The team leads the Lake League in runs scored, and home runs, and thanks to pitching from Lou Bricknell, one of their few long-term signings before 2018, and home-grown talent like Andrew Ward,

NY Dragons On Top in Week #1

As we missed the Weekly Power Rankings for Week #1, we will recap by saying the New York Dragons

Players of the Week Announced

Glen Reese (Philadelphia) and Juan Toothry (

In the Opening Week, Norfolk’s Earl MacPherson and Iron Pigs’ Mokuo Kajioka, b

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