International Free Agents Signing Period Starts

(GAME DATE — July 4, 2020) — League officials have been informed that the following international amateur free agents are now eligible to be signed by teams of the Bull Baseball League.

Every year, a number of hopeful youngsters from various international baseball programs in countries that are not eligible for the Bull League draft are scouted and granted eligibility to be signed by the teams and assigned to their international development systems.

For 2020, teams may spend up to about $3.6 million in total on signing international amateurs, but may exceed that amount and be subject to penalties for the following season in a “soft cap” type system.

OSA considers the top prospects to be:

CF Daniel Uvalle out of Venezuela
SS Carlos Tavares out of Sint Maarten
RF Anton Zgorjelsky out of Lithuania
2B Luis Mendosa out of Guatemala
3B Javier Corredor out of Dominican Republic
CF Jonathan Gonzalez out of Dominican Republic
RF Ricky Huerta out of El Salvador
RF Andres Rodriguez out of Dominican Republic
CF Zhao-dao Kuai out of China
2B Juan Suarez out of Dominican Republic

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