Injuries Dog Teams in First Week of Spring

Spring Training has begun in the Bull League, and already there are several notable injuries that will have teams scrambling to make adjustments as Opening Day approaches.

Baseball’s annual warm-up ritual started on April 1, and by the end of the second day the New York Dragons learned that promising rotation piece Fred Loveless would miss the season. The 28-year-old right-hander, who was 7-4 last year with a 2.09 ERA, and was named Pitcher of the Month for June last season, tore a ligament in the 2nd inning of their April 2 game against Boston.

The injury-prone Canadian missed over 4 weeks last season with various ailments, including issues with his throwing arm that sidelined him from the end of August through the rest of the year.

California right-hander Cortez Zita was diagnosed with an arthritic elbow after leaving the Tidals’ April 5 game against Norfolk after just 13 pitches thrown. He is expected to be out for 4-5 months, almost certainly denying him a 2018 season given that California is not expected to make the playoffs.

Montreal’s 2017 MVP Jose Ramirez is out with a strain, and is a question mark for Opening Day

The Montreal Metros were hoping that last year’s trophy vacuum, Jose Ramirez, would be in prime condition for a run at a repeat MVP year. But his health is now in question after he left Friday’s game against Detroit with a strain. Racetrack Ramirez is currently looking at a return before the end of spring training, but the team is remaining tight-lipped about his status for Opening Day.

Also out as of yesterday was Boston’s sophomore Joaquin Torres, a 24-year-old righty starter who struggled last season at the top level, going 5-11 with a 4.48 ERA, but generated a lot of excitement in ’15 and ’16 at AAA-level Laval. The hard-throwing groundballer was already dealing with a blister on his throwing hand, before tearing a rotator cuff in the game against Louisville. He will be out at least 4 months for recovery.

Other injuries from the first week of spring training include:

  • LF Jim Boyer (MIN) – day-to-day, back strain
  • RF Robert Araica (MTL) – day-to-day, strained hamstring
  • 2B Sal Leal (STP) – sprained index finger

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