Hit Streaks End for The Rajah and Golden Boy Sanchez

Two long-running hit streaks came to an end without much fanfare this week. Danny “Golden Boy” Sanchez, of the Norfolk Sharks, saw his hit streak end at 21 games on Independence Day, after he failed to get a hit in a 7-4 win over the Nevada Speeders. Calgary Inferno’s Danny “The Rajah” Huertero closed off his streak at 24 games tonight after failing to hit safely against Norfolk in a 3-1 win to open a series.

Sanchez’s hitting streak ended after 21 games, setting a new personal record for the Mexican shortstop

For Sanchez, the 21 games edged his previous record of a 20 game streak set while he was a Montreal Metro, back in 2010.

Meanwhile, The Rajah went 0-and-3 tonight, adding a walk and two runs to his tally, but is still batting .300 on the season.

Huertero is in his fourth year with Calgary, and had an outstanding sophomore season in 2015 when he was named AEL Elimination Round MVP and helped the Inferno win a Bull Cup.

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