GM’s Announced as Managers for BOWL

The Bull Oceanic Winter League starts roster selection tomorrow, and the GM’s have been announced for the teams in the developmental winter league.

  • Lawrence Tabachnick (Norfolk Sharks) will manage Lagos Millionaires
  • Bob Weinberg (Rimouski Fighting Moose) will manage Wellington Diggers
  • Brendan Burke (Jacksonville Ravens) will manage Sydney Surfers
  • Kevin Norris (Arizona Cowboys) will manage Melbourne Gold Rush
  • Scott Davis (Chicago Pit Bulls) will manage Tunis Freemen
  • Dylan Maccarone (Ohio Oxen) will manage Newcastle Nuclears
  • Scott Ellis (Boston Brawlers) will manage Gold Coast Stars
  • Brandon Popper (Anchorage Aces) will manage Cape Town Nuggets
  • Alex Sanderson (New York Dragons) will manage Cairo Pharaohs
  • Scott Dummler (Nevada Speeders) will manage Algiers Berbers


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