FRL Playoff Format Announced

The league has announced the format for the playoffs for the Florida Rookie League, and the management from the various teams are excited.

The FRL playoffs, which will begin on March 24, will run for five rounds in total. In each of the Gulf and Atlantic Divisions, the top 2 teams at the end of the regular season will earn a double-bye into the Quarter Finals. The remaining 8 teams in each division will go through a double elimination to follow them, first a Group of 16 round, and then a Group of 8 round.

The seeds for each division’s G16 round will look like this:

3rd vs. 10th and 5th vs 8th

4th vs 9th and 6th vs 7th

Each series will be a single-game elimination playoff round, until the FRL Championship Final, pitting the best of the Atlantic Coast Division against the best of the Gulf Coast Division, which will be played in a best-of-3.

The league reported that the playoff format was adopted following a suggestion by Anchorage Aces GM Brandon Popper.

The playoffs should wrap up just in time for Bull League spring training.

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