Former BOL Manager In Charge at FVU

When Cody Sellers left his job as the Perth Crocodiles manager, following their dismal last place finish in the Bull Oceanic League’s Australia Division, he wasn’t certain of his future as a baseball manager at any level.

But Fraser Valley University was impressed by the rookie manager’s drive and determination, despite leading the BOL team to just a 16-34 finish in his first year as a manager.

The FVU Preservers have taken on Cody Sellers are their manager for their first year of participation in the Can-Am College league, and there are many who are hopeful he will find his success as a collegiate manager.

Sellers is said to favor a “smallball” approach with lots of baserunning, bunting and hit & run plays in his playbook. FVU Senior Conor Barth, who is slated to play first base for the Preservers, is said to fit that role, having shown skill at baserunning and sacrifice bunts, with an ability to hit to the opposite field on occasion.

Can-Am College league opens February 20th, and FVU will start their year in Boston at the Mass Bay Law College Maulers.

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