Flurry of Trades as Deadline Nears

(GAME DATE: July 29, 2019) — A handful of trades, including a potentially big game-shifter for the Lake League’s West Division, have been executed as the July 31st trade deadline in the Bull League looms.

The Calgary Inferno (39-64) were involved in two this month, sending RHP Brian Johnson and a minor leaguer, Christopher Wicks, to Arizona in exchange for two minor leaguers from the Cowboys.

The Inferno also linked up with Arizona back on July 15th, moving RHP Hiroiaki Nakamura and minor league 3B Steve Voller out in order to bring in 1B Antonio Nicolle, who has so far spent 7 healthy days in 2019 at AAA level San Antonio, before being injured again.

The biggest move in July was the one that saw 3-time All-Star and Bull Cup champ Logans Run move from Detroit to 1st place Minneapolis Ravens (65-40). Run arrived in time to help out in a 3-hit win over Toronto. The Motorheads received two minor leaguers from Minneapolis, RHP Hirokuni Ryu and 1B Joe Wilson.

With the addition of Run for the latter months of the season, the Ravens have shored up their weak 1B position, making them a formidable beast for 2nd place Ohio Oxen to try to chase down for the pennant.

Ohio may have to satisfy themselves with a wildcard entry at the end of the season, but could end up facing the Ravens in the post season if they hold on to their 1st wildcard spot. The New York Dragons, holding the high card in the Lake League, would play the 2nd wild card team, which is currently Toronto.

The final July move saw the Nevada Speeders ship minor league SS Julio Fria to the Boston Brawlers to pick up Platinum Glove RHP Marshall Bennett.

Bennett left his first start with the Speeders after 7 innings, and was later diagnosed with bone chips in his pitching elbow, leaving him sidelined for the rest of the season, a critical blow to the Speeders who were looking to shore up their pitching as the season flips deeper into the second half.

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