Deputies Scramble as Beltran Announces Retirement

The Dallas Deputies have been left scrambling for a veteran starter after Carlos Beltran announced his retirement from baseball today.

The 37-year-old right-hander, who has spent most of his career in a New York uniform, but has bounced around the league for the past three years, had only just signed with Dallas in November, and was expected to bolster a rotation that includes Kyle Cahill, former Inferno Fernando Latorre, and former Salts hurler Marco Helms.

Beltran, who has three Bull Cup championships under his belt, has struggled in recent years, but is 88-77 over his career, with a 4.29 ERA. The member of the 1,000 strikeouts club was a reasonably priced deal for Dallas, signing for just $1.06 million at the end of November.

The Deputies have time to fill the hole left by the departure of “K9” Beltran, however, and have recently added a load of talent to both their rotation and their bullpen since the close of the 2017 season.

In addition to tracking down Latorre and Helms, they added former Nomads reliever Alex Maldonado and up-and-comer Javier Kleijer, who last played with New York. They join a bullpen anchored by closer Nate Weil, who was the 2016 Reliever of the Year.

Dallas, which also enters 2018 with one of the top 7 minor league systems in the Bull League, looks to finally free itself from the basement of the AEL East, where they have failed to finish above 4th since joining the league in 2012 as an expansion club.

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