Deps, Danger in a Swap

The Dallas Deputies today announced they have traded shortstop Kenta Nakayama and minor league center fielder Takashi Matsuda to the Denver Danger, in return for starting RHP Count Montecristo.

The move vastly improves the struggling Deputies’ rotation, as Montecristo will likely slot behind former Calgary Inferno lefty and two-time Bull Cup champion Fernando Latorre, who was signed during the off-season, but ahead of long-time Dallas fixture Rafael Rosario.

Nakayama is considered a highly capable defensive shortstop, though he will not likely aid the Danger offensively in a meaningful way, with a career .223 average and just a single home run in 125 games.

Masuda, a former Manila U outfielder, is currently at AAA-level, and is unlikely to see time at the top level this season until his hitting develops more fruitfully, though if called up he could serve as a multi-position outfielder and passable pinch runner.


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