Crusaders Lose Chen


Team doctors for the Hamilton Crusaders have confirmed that veteran starting pitcher Mo-ruo Chen will miss the rest of spring training, and will start the regular season on the disabled list, after straining his hamstring during a game against Montreal yesterday.

Veteran southpaw Mo-ruo Chen strained a hamstring pitching against the Montreal Metros in spring training yesterday

The 7-time All Star, who turned 36 in January, has been relatively healthy for the past few seasons, with his last lengthy injury back in 2011, a partially torn labrum. When he left the game yesterday, he had  pitched 4 shutout innings, allowing 3 hits, and striking out 4 batters, and was awarded the win decision as the Metros fell to the Crusaders 3-2.

Chen, originally from Sydney, Australia, is in his 19th year playing in the Bull League, but in his first year playing with the Crusaders, after spending four years with the California Tidals, and 13 seasons with the Toronto Ducks, including his Sandy Koufax Award-winning 2007 year, where he went 10-3 with an ERA of 2.66.

Chen signed to a two-year deal with Hamilton last November for $9.2 million.

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