Cowboys Clean House, Fire GM and Manager

Manager Ryan McCarty, and GM Matt Johnson, have both been given their walking papers by the Arizona Cowboys after the team finished the season with a dismal 32-68 record, the worst in the Bull League.

Indeed, the .320 win percentage was the worst in the fledgling expansion club’s history, lower than their previous worst season of 2013, when they went 28-54 (.341).

Ryan McCarty had no comments after leaving the Arizona clubhouse, but it was revealed that the Kingston Cannons quickly offered the 47-year-old from Medford, Oregon, a 4-year contract.

McCarty was previously the manager of the Florida Rookie League Daytona Beach Highlanders (affiliated with Denver Danger), and was 4-0 in a brief stint there. Before that, he had been manager of the Chilliwack Orbitz (Detroit Motorheads) for four seasons, including a playoff championship 2016 season. He is 186-210 over his five years as a manager.

He was often known as a temperamental manager, prone to fiery outbursts, but has earned the respect of at least a few veterans through the years.

Meanwhile, former GM Matt Johnson may be looking at a lengthy period of unemployment, after four straight seasons of last place finishes with Arizona. He was at odds with his scouting team more than once, along with ownership, who disagreed with his strategy of spending big on international free agents to the detriment of scouting good home grown draft picks.



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