Cow League Probable Playoff Teams

The probable AAA-level Cow League playoff teams are now beginning to crystallize, with just two games left in the season to firm up the last few spots.

North-East League East Division: Toledo Tornados (Ohio)

North-East League West Division: Kelowna Inferno (Hamilton)

North-East League Wild Card 1: Anaheim Pharoahs (New York)

North-East League Wild Card 2 contenders: Oakland Dukes (36-34, Nevada) and Albany Statesmen (35-35, San Diego)

Frontier League East Division: Vaughan Peppers (Montreal)

Frontier League West Division: Brampton Longhorns (Toronto)

Frontier League Wild Card 1: Baltimore Bruins (Jacksonville)

Frontier League Wild Card 2 contenders: Laval Zebras (35-35, Boston), Orlando Mickeys (35-35, Seattle) and Ft. Worth Spectres (34-36, Denver).

Last year’s Cow League Championship Series was between the Toledo Tornados and the Brampton Longhorns., which Toledo won 4 games to 2.Both teams have clinched playoff spots again for this year.

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