College Baseball Opens Today

The Can-Am College Baseball League inaugural season opens today, with an interesting set of match-ups across the 26-team league.

The action starts early with Everglades University Swampmen hosting the Utah State University Preachers, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 1:05 pm. The EVU Swampmen are expected to be one of the stronger teams, and made the Top 5 Rankings. Top pitching prospect Duane Carrere will likely get the start for EVU, while USU’s Branden Cassidy will start for the visitors. Both starters feature in the Top 5 Pitching prospects for the college league.

Other interesting opening day games include:

  • Essex Technical College Bullfrogs at Hispaniola College Conquistadors
  • Cape Breton College Scots at Brian Mulroney School of Public Administration Cutthroats
  • Chester A. Arthur School Presidents at Haiti Science University Centaurs
  • Kentucky School of Distilling Moonshiners at Rhode Island Military College Sentinels
  • Vermont Botanical Academy Foresters at Rocky Mountain University Steamwheelers

All 26 teams will be in action on Opening Day, however, with each starting a two-game series.

Full opening day results will be available later, with highlights from Week 1 of Can-Am College ball featuring in the next podcast.




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