Calgary to Host 2018 All-Star Game

The league has announced that the 2018 All-Star Game will be played in Calgary, Alberta, hosted by the AEL’s Calgary Inferno.

The Inferno were the 2017 Bull Cup champions, and the announcement of Calgary as the host city continues the theme set last year, when the 2016 champion Ohio Oxen were used as the hosts for this season’s mid-summer classic.

Calgary’s Israel Medina is said to be particularly pleased, as the 2017 playoff MVP was also the All-Star Game MVP in this season’s game.

The 2018 classic is tentatively scheduled for July 16. Renovations are underway at Inferno Park to expand seating capacity – currently at 36,300 (the 3rd lowest in the Bull League). The park hopes to add about 3,000 seats before next season begins.


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