Bull Oceanic League About to Start

The inaugural season of the Bull Oceanic League is about to get underway. Player-managers with OOTP17 are welcome to join in the action!

The BOL will play a 50-game season running from Oct.15-December 31, with simulations starting by the end of this month (September), following the regular Bull League playoffs and awards announcements.

There are several promising teams available in the BOL, which places fictional professional-level baseball teams in cities in Australia and New Zealand.

A brief 6-game “spring” training session has now ended and the best teams are looking like:

Tasmania Terror – based in Hobart, Tasmania, in the Australian League. They were 5-1 (.833) through the preseason, with what looks like some great hitting.

Adelaide Aboriginals – based in Adelaide, South Australia. They finished preseason week with a 4-2 (.667) record.

Canberra Ministers – based in Canberra, ACT, the capital of the nation, who also went 4-2 (.667). They look to have a serious hitting star and at least one great starting pitcher.

Hamilton Hammers – From Hamilton, New Zealand. The North Island team was also 5-1 (.833), and look likely to rely on heavy hitting to win games.

Newcastle Nuclears – the Newcastle, NSW team was only 3-3 in preseason play, but the OOTP prediction is for them to top the league at 36-14, and lead the league in HR’s.

The other available teams currently are: For Australia

Sydney Sailors (Sydney, NSW) 3-3, .500

Perth Crocodiles (Perth, WA) 2-4, .333

Brisbane Rebels (Brisbane, QLD) 2-4, .333

Melbourne Dockers (Melbourne, VIC) 1-5, .167

For New Zealand

Queenstown Royals 3-3, .500

Dunedin Ducks 3-3, .500

Auckland Arsenal 3-3, .500

Christchurch Christians 3-3, .500

Tauranga Tridents 2-4, .333

Invercargill Hobbits 1-5, .167




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