Bull League GMs Take Control of World Cup Teams

The World Cup of Baseball starts next month, and many Bull League GMs have been rewarded with posts at the head of the prestigious international teams selected to compete.

The WCB features major-level and AAA-level players from the Bull League all of whom are competing for their national team in an inaugural tournament to be held in London, England, in 2017. It is expected the tournament will continue annually each fall.

There are sixteen teams divided into four groups of four teams each for the WCB. Groups are roughly geographical in most cases. For example, Group A has teams that are in the Pacific rim area, while Group B has four European teams, and so on.

Micheal Smith, the GM of the LL East division champions, Montreal Metros, will take over as the head of The Netherlands team.

Some of the top Dutch players include Boston Brawlers catcher Guido Groeneveld, and AAA Hartford’s Juan Acuna, a pitcher born in the Dutch Antilles who was 5-3 with a save and a 3.13 ERA last season with the Chicago Pit Bulls affiliate.

Jacksonville Ravens’ Dutch 1B-man Barry Janmaat is still on the injured list and is unavailable. It is expected that alumnus and amateur members will make up the numbers to supplement the small pool of Dutch pros.

Nevada Speeders GM Scott Dummler will take the helm for Mexico. Scott Davis, who is the GM of the Chicago Pit Bulls, will lead Team Canada. Meanwhile, Scott Ellis will parlay his experience at the reins in Boston as he fills the head job for Australia.

Also making their appearance in the WCB will be Brendan Burke, who led the Jacksonville Ravens to a playoff appearance this season. Burke will GM the Colombian team.

Dylan Maccarone led the 2016 Ohio Oxen to a Bull Cup championship, and was selected for the highly talented Japanese tournament team. Toronto Nomads GM Ray Morrell will take over for the Cuban team. Alex Sanderson, who normally works as GM of the New York Dragons, has been tapped to take over the Dominican Republic.

Rimouski Fighting Moose GM Bob Weinberg will try to lead Puerto Rico to success. Lawrence Tabachnick will take a break from managing the Norfolk Sharks while he is taking over the Venezuelan team for the WCB.

Troy Olsen, who led the Denver Danger during the season, will perform the same role for the abundantly talented South Korean team, which is reportedly pleased to be away from the threat of nuclear war for the duration of the tournament.

Finally the widely favored Team USA will be headed up by Brandon Popper, the GM of the Anchorage Aces.

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